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Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck

SCI Report Details Tens of Millions of Waste & Abuse at Local Government Level

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Senators Bill Baroni and Jennifer Beck, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Senator Kevin O’Toole, a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, commented today on a report issued by the State Commission of Investigation (SCI) detailing waste and abuse at the local government level.

“The examples of waste and abuse of taxpayers dollars detailed in this report are appalling,” Beck stated. “The examples of abuse are widespread and cross partisan lines. Sadly it seems that some local officials are not interested in being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

The SCI reports details examples of waste including:

  • time off – with full pay at taxpayer expense – to go Christmas shopping;
  • time off to attend weddings, baptisms and other private events;
  • bonuses awarded for working on their birthdays or when they leave their jobs;
  • still others receive multiple paid days off for not being sick or for donating blood;
  • bonuses awarded on top of regular pay for perfect attendance at work; and
  • paid holidays for moving.

“The examples of waste, fraud and abuse cited in the report defy common sense,” Baroni continued. “This report details tens of millions of taxpayer’s money frittered away by obscene benefits by career politicians. This lavish and wasteful gravy train must be stopped.”

The SCI report includes several proposals intended to reign in the abuse including:

  • establish standards for local government employment practices;
  • establish uniform limits on employee leave;
  • eliminate terminal leave;
  • regulate and control severance, stipends and related payouts;
  • restrict allocation and sse of compensatory time;
  • require employee health insurance contributions; and
  • ensure public transparency and accountability.

“We are entering a very difficult budget season. The current budget is several hundreds of millions in the red and next years budget is running an $8 billion to $10 billion structural deficit. We must use every method at our disposal to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse at every level of government. The recommendations by the SCI are a good place to start. My colleagues and I will place these proposals on the fast track in January,” O’Toole concluded.

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