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Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck Health Benefits Reforms Endorsed by NJ Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission

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Beck reforms would reduce health benefits costs by 33 percent, provide more than $1 billion in savings to the state and $2.7 billion in local property tax relief.

The New Jersey Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission on Friday, Oct. 21, reviewed Senator Jennifer Beck’s health benefits reform package and recommended that the New Jersey Legislature enact her legislation.

The Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission has recommended that the legislature enact Sen. Jennifer Beck’s health benefits reform package. (

“I’m pleased that the nonpartisan Pension and Health Benefits Review Committee has recommended that the Legislature act on my proposals,” Senator Beck (R-Monmouth) said. “New Jersey taxpayers and public employees in cost-sharing cannot afford platinum health coverage, when there are clearly more inexpensive alternatives available to use. My legislation would provide for a 33% reduction in health benefits cost to our State and local government units, leading to $1 billion in State savings and $2.7 billion in direct property tax relief. The time for legislative leadership to act is now, and I call on leaders in both houses to give my legislation a hearing in the most expeditious manner possible.”

Senator Beck’s reform package (S-2304 and S-2305) moves SHBP and SEHBP members into a primary health care plan with optional riders. These primary plans provide an adequate level of service at a much more inexpensive cost that the current, most-popular health plans in use by the State. The most commonly utilized SHBP offering, NJ Direct 15, costs around $30,000 for family coverage and $11,000 for an individual. Plans that would be offered via Senator Beck’s legislation would cost approximately $19,500 for family coverage and $8,556 for an individual.

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