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Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck & Rice Call for Action to Help Tenants Living in ‘Failing Housing Complexes’ Across New Jersey

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Following today’s report that “thousands” of New Jersey residents are living in subsidized housing complexes that have failed federal inspections, Senators Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) and Ron Rice (D-Essex) called on HUD, the DCA, and Legislative leaders to take immediate action to address this crisis.

Sens. Jennifer Beck and Ron Rice call for action to help tenants, following a report that thousands statewide are living in complexes that have failed federal inspections. Beck & Rice sponsor S-3270, the “Safe Sanitary Subsidized Rental Housing Bill of Rights.” (Facebook/Jennifer Beck)

Beck and Rice sponsor S-3270, the “Safe Sanitary Subsidized Rental Housing Bill of Rights,” which would hold negligent landlords accountable for dangerous, unsanitary, and unsafe conditions in subsidized housing.

“Senator Rice and I have been saying for months that the issue of tenants being forced to live in dangerous rental housing units is not limited to Asbury Park or Newark. Today’s report proves that this is a pervasive, statewide problem,” Senator Beck said.  “The government has a responsibility to address this crisis immediately. We will continue to call for the passage of our legislation and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the vulnerable families and seniors who need our help.”

“From the top of the state to the bottom, innocent people are suffering while their landlords collect a paycheck from the government. It’s outrageous,” Senator Rice added. “I’m glad to see HUD Administrator Patton say they have a ‘zero-tolerance policy,’ for these bad actors, but judging by today’s report, it’s clear that words are not enough. We must take action to hold all landlords accountable for providing safe and sanitary housing.”

The October 17th report published on highlighted 23 New Jersey subsidized housing properties across the state that had failed federal inspections.

Beck and Rice have visited subsidized housing complexes in New Jersey and met with numerous stakeholders and tenants in their bipartisan effort to ensure safe and sanitary housing for New Jersey. Earlier this month, the Senators also pledged their unwavering support for tenants at Pueblo City, as they file a class action lawsuit against the owners of the Newark housing complex.

Their legislation, S-3270, addresses the deplorable living conditions uncovered in the recent Asbury Park Press (APP) investigative series, “Renter Hell,”  which found children and families living side by side with rats and cockroaches, crumbling walls and ceilings, a lack of heat and hot water, and human waste. Beck and Rice witnessed such conditions firsthand during their tours of these housing complexes.

“The conditions many of these families are living in are absolutely horrifying. We’ve seen the mold crawling up the walls, the infestations, and the crumbling foundations. How much longer can we allow slumlords to get away with this? I hope that our housing authorities and legislative leaders take a hard look at what’s been reported and deliver swift justice for these tenants. No one should have to live like this,” Senator Beck concluded.

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