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Senator Diane Allen

Senator Diane Allen

Allen to Introduce Bills to Permanently Lower Speed Limits in School Zones; Increase Penalties for Speeding

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Legislation follows death of pedestrian 10th grader killed on Route 130 by Burlington City High School

Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) will introduce a three-bill package to reduce speed limits in school zones, including Route 130, and increase penalties for drivers who put students at risk.

Sen. Diane Allen’s legislation reduces the speed limit in school zones on Route 130 and statewide, and ups penalties for drivers who put students at risk. (

The legislation follows the death of Antwan Timbers Jr., a Burlington City High School tenth grader who was killed when he was struck by a car while walking along Route 130.

“More than 1,000 students each day cross Route 130 – one of the deadliest highways in the state for pedestrians,” Senator Allen said. “They are still in danger long after the speed limit reverts back at 4 p.m. After school activities require many kids to cross ‘death highway’ in the dark on their way home. We cannot lose another child the way we lost Antwan. Permanently reducing speed limits in school zones and holding drivers accountable for their dangerous behavior are the best way to save lives.”

Senator Allen’s legislation was inspired by a group of Burlington City High School students who started a movement to save lives by calling for a reduction in the speed limit near their high school.

The first bill in the package would require a permanent, full-day reduction in the speed limit to 25 miles-per-hour on Route 130, by Burlington City High School and Wilbur Watts Intermediate School. The two schools are located directly on Route 130 North and South. Currently, drivers only have to adhere to the 25 mile-per-hour speed limit before and after the school day begins; from 7 to 9 a.m. and 2 to 4 p.m.

“I commend the Burlington City High School students who rose up from a heartbreaking loss to launch the 25 Saves Lives campaign,” Senator Allen said. “It was their passion and tireless advocacy that convinced school district and law enforcement officials to support this effort to get drivers who speed past the schools on Route 130 to ‘slow down in our town.’ Together we will work to enact this lifesaving legislation.”

The second bill in Senator Allen’s package would increase penalties for drivers who speed in school zones along highways like Route 130. The third bill would give municipalities the authority to lower speed limits in school zones.

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