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Senator Diane Allen

Senator Diane Allen

Allen NJEIT Bill to Fund $15.6 Million of Clean Water Projects in Burlington County Signed into Law

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Law Provides $411 Million for Environmental Infrastructure Projects Statewide

New Jersey will receive up to $411 million for environmental infrastructure projects statewide under legislation co-sponsored by Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) and signed into law by Governor Chris Christie. Nearly $16 million will fund clean water projects in Burlington County.

Gov. Christie signed Sen. Diane Allen’s bill to provide $411 million for environmental infrastructure projects statewide. Burlington County will receive nearly $16 million for clean water projects. (Pixabay)

“This legislation funds important projects that will keep New Jersey’s drinking water clean, safe and contaminant-free without placing an added burden on taxpayers,” Senator Allen said. “Without the $15.6 million awarded to Burlington County, we may not have been able to finance upgrades to local drinking water systems, or purchase a tank system to safely remove groundwater discharged during construction projects across the county.”

S-2292 funds dozens of eligible projects through the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust, including those in the “Storm Sandy and State Fiscal Year 2017 Clean Water Project Priority List” and the “Storm Sandy and State Fiscal Year 2017 Drinking Water Project Priority List,” as well as six clean water and two drinking water environmental infrastructure projects.

The NJEIT plan includes $15.6 million for Burlington County. These include:

  • Countywide: $2.8 million to rehab existing stormwater sewer systems; purchase a Potable Water Sediment Treatment Tank system that will be used to safely remove and discharge groundwater during and after construction projects. The tank system is part of a longterm effort to improve water quality in Burlington County.
  • Willingboro: $7 million to construct a treatment facility to remove radium and gross alpha from raw water at an existing well site.
  • Willingboro: $1.8 million to install access roads to existing collection manholes; rehabilitate manholes; replace or fortify sewers and structures bridging waterways within the service area.
  • Bordentown City: $2.8 million to upgrade and remediate drinking water systems; replace valves and electric media at a water treatment plant and well fields in Hamilton Township.
  • Bordentown City: $1.5 million to upgrade wells and resolve exceedances of gross alpha, iron and manganese in drinking water.
  • Burlington Township: $200,000 to rehab sewer mains; repair manholes.

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